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First Listen: Chris Robinson Brotherhood – The Magic Door

September 17, 2012

I am so backed up on reviews, but the new Chris Robinson Brotherhood has muscled its way to the front of the pack demanding a first listen response.  It was just the beginning of the summer that the first CRB album Big Moon Ritual came out. It has been in heavy rotation ever since and will clearly by on my 2012 best of list.

I was more than satisfied to just be digging the 3-song promo EP of covers I received gratis at the RockNRoll music sale recently. So I was shocked to learn there would be a follow-up to Big Moon Ritual just a few months after that release.   I quickly jumped online and ordered the vinyl edition from Best Buy.

Side note:  I am embarrassed to cheat on my local record store, but I can’t resist hometown corporation Best Buy – who for now – has free shipping (along with great prices) on all music.  They don’t deserve the business – but when you are music addict like myself you will turn tricks with a mega retailer to get your fix.

I was pleasantly surprised when the album arrived today that it was in the 45 RPM format – bravo Silver Arrow Records!  Very nice packaging and given the 45 RPM format it is spread across two platters: one white and one black – so cool it forced me to make a unblogged tweet!

So how does it sound?  A lot like Big Mood Ritual, but slightly looser.  Same band and again produced, engineered & mixed by Thom Monahan.  The first platter is taut blues-rock and the second platter is much more ponderous (that is a complement) stoner jam band music.  So actually it is a nice combo-platter: side 1 and 2 to get up and side 3 and 4 to get down. I was so blown away by Big Moon Ritual that it will be hard to beat it.  This is like just finishing a great novel only to find the sequel is already out – dig in!  With Big Moon Ritual it was “the first cut is the deepest,” but The Magic Door is opening that second bottle of wine – your are just now in the mood to enjoy it.


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