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Bob Dylan – Tempest – First Listen

September 12, 2012

Dylan has been on a slow boil since 1997’s Time Out Mind without a stinker in the bunch.  But with Tempest I think he may have minted yet another masterpiece.  Dylan has sculpted his phlegmatic growl into a beautiful instrument – think of Satchmo with a sense of irony.

I am really digging the album.  It has a wonderful old-timey feel to it.  Dylan has absorbed so many forms of folk music that many of theses songs seem like covers.  By folk music I mean a very broad term:  “old” songs, with no known composers, including jazz, blues, tin pan alley, etc.

I don’t have time to pull together a coherent review – but this has it all:  great musical arrangements, great lyrics and then there is the voice.  The voice is perfect on this album.  The voice is not for amatures – it is like a an Islay Scotch – this better not be your first drink.


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  1. Jim–you are knocking me out with your posts! Very informative and entertaining–I hope you are getting some national exposure.

    BTW–Tell Laura–The next family portrait–she receives FREE SESSION AND 11X14.

  2. “slow boil since ‘Time Out Mind’ “. Agree. will get around to this eventually.

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