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About Axl’s Catch Groove

Hi – I am Axl.  I am baby boomer living in Minneapolis (Minnesota).  I am married with two adult children (who help inform my taste).  I have a lifelong love of music and a lifelong collection of music in the form of LPs (I dislike the term vinyl, but sometimes it is unavoidable) and CDs  (as in too many to count).  I think the greatest thing about music today is Spotify (when available I always include a link to Spotify in my album reviews). I think you will find my taste eclectic, but not particularly adventurous.  I also enjoy high quality audio equipment, but I can’t justify the really big bucks.

Why Catch Groove?  The catch groove is the endless loop at the end of an LP that keeps the needle from riding into the label (or if your turntable has additional automation, a trigger to raise the arm and/or turn off the motor).  I like the symbolism – I hope this blog will be an endless loop of my musical thoughts for years to come.

If you want a quick sense of who I am read these two extended posts – one on my stereo and a best of list. My goal is to keep you informed on my music obsessions.  Occasionally I will hit another topic like a book, beer or movie review.

  1. Jon Lovold permalink

    Axl – met you today at the Fetus. I wanted to tell you that I found a copy of McShann on ebay and bought one. We’ll have to chat soon.

    • I played McShann through a couple times this morning. Great Sunday morning read the paper music. Enjoyed meeting you and hearing the Heartbeats too.

  2. Jim Bunnell permalink

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for methods to pair my Oppo 105D with Tidal. I’ve found it very enjoyable and will be following you from now on.

    As for music and audio interests, we have a LOT in common. I don’t blog but contribute to Facebook fairly frequently. If you want to look me up, I can be found at

    A list of my audio equipment is available in my profile on Steve Hoffman’s Music Forums at when you hit the “Information” tab.

  3. Had to look up “eclectic” but yeah, that fits CB. Life long love of music fits also. Good stuff on here Axl. Your home state has produced a lot of musicians that I dig. Later.

  4. Doug permalink

    Axl – met you at one of Paul’s listening parties a while back and have been following this ever since. While I can’t say I like everything you do, we do have some common tastes and there are a couple of standouts I had somehow never heard of that are now on my to listen to regularly list – Jose James and Woody Shaw.


  5. Axl I told you I was going to shake things up on CB’s page. In the week to come or next I would like to post your ‘Wild Stab’ review. My daughter is pretty good at doing this computer stuff and i think she could pull it off. I was just looking for your permission.

  6. Neal Alhadeff permalink

    Hi, Axl.

    I just discovered your blog recently and am enjoying it!

    I was wondering if your tried out the CD version of Ralph Towner’s Solstice now that you’ve been enjoying the LP. I’m curious if there’s something lacking in the CD release or if maybe your tastes were better aligned when you rediscovered it.



    • I have not re-listened to the CD. I will give it a try. My guess is it was more about where my head was at the time. One of the great parts about a large collection is rediscovering stuff that once did not take the first time.

  7. First, thanks for reading the blog. Second, I am not a vinyl snob who thinks vinyl sounds better than digital – it can sound better. But it really comes down to mastering. A well mastered CD or CD quality stream can sound as good if not better than an LP. ECM (this album’s label) is one of the best at digital mastering. I just did a side by side of the LP and the CD and I have a slight preference for the LP. That being said, I believe my new enthusiasm for this album is related to my current state of mind. My ears are in the mood for this music at the moment. Again thanks for reading and even more thanks for commenting.

  8. Emily Grossman permalink

    Hi! I would love to buy the signed Haim poster. How much for that to happen?

    • Sorry not interested in selling. It was a giveaway with the album at our local indie record store. Assume there are a bunch out there in the world. Hopefully you can find a seller.

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