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Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Big Moon Ritual

June 8, 2012

This is classic jam band music.  Nothing original here and there is nothing wrong with that because it is executed exquisitely.  Imagine the Black Crowes’ singer fronting the Grateful Dead with Steve Winwood on keyboards.

I have loved the Black Crowes from day one, when they were a pretty conventional 70’s blues rock band (except they were mistakenly placed on earth in the middle of the grunge era).  Chris Robinson’s solo work has been very solid and this release is no exception.  Great chiming guitar work and great keyboards (Arc of Diver era Winwood).  I have always felt Chris Robinson’s voice was a silkier Faces-era Rod Stewart and it has plenty of funky swagger on this release.

The songs are all nice long sprawling jams, with nothing shorter than 7 minutes.  Very mellow, but subtly rocking – simmering. Kick back and enjoy – this is late hot summer night music.


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