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August 19, 2012

I ran into a crate digger this past Record Store Day who turned me onto  the Expedit shelf as the low-cost shelving solution for out for control record collectors.  This is probably the best solution (value and wife approved) you can find if you have a 2000 plus LP problem.

I recently bought one of these ($200) and for the first time in years I have my permanent collection in one location (with some room to spare).  They come in a variety of sizes. Each cube holds about 90 albums.  The largest unit has 25 cubes, and the smallest has 5.  It comes in three colors: white, birch and black/brown.

Ikea probably had no idea they were making a record shelve, but it is near perfect.  The shelves are the right size and it can handle the weight. Google Expedit and you will learn some important tips from real record collecting pros on how you can hack this piece to true perfection.

Here is how my collection looks (nice and tidy):


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