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Matthew E. White Big Inner

August 22, 2012

Every once in a while you listen to a new album and you are completely blown away.  You are reminded why you are on the endless quest to discover music.  You are chasing the reward. Matthew E. White’s Big Inner is one of those rare rewards.

Even better is when you discover it on your own.  I can’t claim to have discovered this album on my own – I read a short “artist to watch”  review in Rolling Stone.  There was enough there for me to get off my butt this past Monday and Google “Matthew E. White” and listen to a stream.  That was enough to get me to buy the album on emusic when it was released the yesterday.  After a couple of listens I loved this album so much I had to order a vinyl edition today!

So what is this?  It is a pinch of The Band, a dash of Bon Iver, and a splash of Al Green. This album bows to the south (southern rock, gospel, New Orleans, and Memphis), yet nods to LA (e.g. Brian Wilson to Randy Newman).  What most impresses me are the subtle yet over the top arrangements – this is very ambitious without an ounce of pretension: soulful horns, choirs, stings, percussion and fearless of use of stereo.

This is Matthew’s debut album and all I can think of is where the hell does something this fully realized come from?  He comes from what appears to be an amazing Richmond Virgina music scene led by who else but Matthew E. White.  For a great profile check this article out from the local Richmond alternative weekly.

Reserve a spot on my 2012 best of list for Matthew E. White’s Big Inner.


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