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Crate Digger’s Gold: Bruford – One of a Kind

August 19, 2012

I know it should not count as a Crate Digger’s Gold when you pull something out of your own collection.  But I had kind of forgotten about this album until I was talking to the Bruemaster this spring at a whysowhite concert.  It has taken me until now to pull this out of the stacks and give it another listen.

This album is the bastard love child of Yes (sans vocals) and Weather Report.  More prog than jazz, but it is both.  This was an amazing and short-lived band.  Bill Bruford (drummer) has Yes and King Crimson pedigree, but the real treat for me is Allan Holdsworth (guitar).

Holdsworth has a truly distinctive style – dare I say his guitar sounds like keyboard playing like a horn.  If you Google Holdsworth you will be amazed at his resume: it is a who’s who of jazz and progressive rock.  A true unsung guitar hero.

I think this album out of print in physical editions, as best I know, but it is still available digitally.  Used vinyl and CDs are available at under $5 (a real value for this epic music).

If you like jazz rock fusion this 1979 release can not be missed. If you are a progressive rock fan and don’t mind all instrumentals you will likely enjoy this release.  This falls into my top 100 releases in my collection!

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  1. I looked at this last time I peeked in. Inspired me to listen to UK while I worked out.

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