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Jenny Lewis – On the Line

March 31, 2019

Jenny Lewis’ The Voyager is one of my favorite albums of this decade. It has taken five years for the sequel to arrive and I have been looking forward to it.

On the Line is clearly Jenny Lewis, but not The Voyager II despite similar torso branding on the cover. It’s something all together different – not radically different, but its own thing.

Here is the short review: it lives up to The Voyager.  Just to make sure I wasn’t suffering from amnesia, I re-listened to The Voyager – it was a high bar to clear and On The Line easily reaches The Voyager’s height.

The Voyager was Jenny’s Court And Spark – a California Laurel Canyon pop folk rock masterpiece. Super accessible, yet uncompromising. On the Line is edgier. It is a rock record, lest we forget Lewis’s origin as an indie-rocker.

I preordered the deluxe vinyl because it’s kind of epic:

We recently saw Lewis live (at The Palace in St Paul) and this new material translates well live and weaves nicely with her back catalog. Seeing her live was a great reminder of what a great set of pipes she has. She has such an effortless vocal delivery, it is easy to forget what a great and powerful voice she has.

Lewis’ music is fun, yet biting; humorous, yet solemn; light, yet deep. Overall, it has a complexity without being fussy or pretentious. On The Line is another masterpiece in Lewis’ catalog.

P.S. If you are interested in where an amazing artist like Jenny Lewis comes from, check out this article.

Here is a playlist of Jenny’s recent show in St. Paul MN:

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Epic indeed!

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