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Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

August 18, 2014

jenny lewis

I am total sucker for highly produced 70 pop rock and Jenny Lewis has just released a classic of the genre:  think Buckingham/Nicks era Fleetwood Mac, mid-70’s Linda Ronstadt, Court and Spark Joni Mitchell and the edgy side of The Carpenters.  Luscious ear candy where you discover another subtle nuance and layer with every listen.

The album is produced mainly by Ryan Adams, but with contributions from Beck, long time Lewis collaborator Johnathan Rice and Lewis herself.  All folks who know how to produce great musical sounds – 3 minute pop symphonies.

As slick as the album as is, it has a nice underbelly of a darkness and quite desperation.  The juxtaposition of lush pop arrangements and lyrics filled with regret gives the album some genuine nutritional value – this is not empty calories.

Lewis voice is absolutely gorgeous instrument capable of folk, rock and country.  It is emotional and as clean as a brand new white pinpoint shirt.

There is not a bad cut on the album.  At well past the half way point of 2014, I can confidently declare this will be on my top 10 list.


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