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Podcast: Political Beats

October 22, 2018

If I told you that a politically conservative magazine and website (founded by the icon of American political conservative thought: William F. Buckley Jr.), has one of the best music podcasts I have heard, would you believe me?

Another music podcast I enjoy (Steven Hyden’s Celebration Rock), had an episode titled “Can Liberals and Conservatives Still Bond Over Music?” That episode introduced me to Jeff Blehar, one of the hosts of the Political Beats podcast. He was such an engaging guest and obvious music nerd I was compelled to check out Political Beats. By the way, yes liberals and conservatives still can bond over music.

I have listened to a half-dozen or so episodes of Political Beats and I am hooked. Hosts Scot Bertram and Jeff Blehar invite political journalists and pundits from the right and left to talk about their favorite bands/artists. The basic concept is to talk through a band/artist’s discography. The two hosts and guest, nerd-out album by album. The guest is a super fan of the featured band/artist. So far Scot and Jeff seem to be super fans of everything. I assume I will get to an episode where they show some ignorance, but so far these guys are pretty damn amazing music fanboys.

I listened to a recent episode where they shook up the formula – the guest was the subject itself: David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker discussing the band’s discography along with some tantalizing anecdotes from the two band’s history.

The episodes are roughly two hours, but it is the kind of show you can break up, for example, after each album discussion.  I have yet to hear them get political – they stick to the music despite the sponsorship of a political magazine.

My recommendation is that you look through their archive and pick a band/artist that is dear to you and give it a listen. If you are a music head this will be right in your sweet spot.



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  1. Interesting I’ll try and bracket some time to give it a listen You got me with the Lowery mention

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