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Corsair – Barrel Aged Gin (Made in Tennessee)

October 14, 2018

Gin aged in rum barrels, interesting right?  It is gin flavored, but sweeter. This is a brilliant hack.

I like a very dry martini and I am the kind of snob who believes that the gin makes the martini, not the glass. So, I like to think of myself as a gin fan.

Corsair’s Barrel Aged Gin is brown, but don’t be distracted – it still tastes like gin, with a touch of the rum’s sweetness. It is a great flavor. I would not mix it – just pour it over ice or neat. It is such a bright and fruity gin you don’t want to distract it with anything but ice.

Per Corsair:

Barrel-Aged Gin: To craft this spirit, we take our award-winning gin and age it in used spiced rum barrels for 3-6 months. This process imparts baking spice and vanilla notes to the botanical gin, making for a complex and citrusy spirit.

It is a nice desert drink in that it tastes light and fresh after a heavy meal.

I was never a rum drinker. When I used to think of rum, I assumed Captain Morgan. Pretty bad booze as far as I am concerned. But then I had Indeed Rum King and I began to wonder what good rum might taste like. A friend, who appreciates rum like I appreciate whiskey, turned me on to fine quality rum that you sip like a fine whiskey.  With his guidance, I have come to appreciate rum as a legitimate spirit. I am now receptive to beverages aged in rum barrels. This particular Corsair bottle is aged six months in a the rum barrel (it is hand written on the bottle).

I am fascinated by the traditional gin flavor sweetened by rum, a very unique flavor. I am consistently impressed by Corsair. Everything I have tried has been great. Triple Smoke is my favorite whiskey of the moment. Barrel aged gin is a brilliant idea.  Gin – you are now on the brown juice shelf.  You have done it again Corsair!

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