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Led  Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti (Deluxe CD)

March 4, 2015

I have been underwhelmed by the recent Led Zeppelin reissues. Partly because, as much as I love Zeppelin, they are classic rock warhorse that have been played to death (by both me and the radio). But mostly because I was so disappointed that the bonus material was so thin: live cuts, alternative mixes, demos. I can’t believe that a band this big did not have extra songs that did not make the cut. 

Physical Graffiti does not bring any more to the table than the other reissues other than it is arguably their greatest album. Maybe I am just in the right mood. Maybe I have listened to this album a hundred fewer times than the rest of their catalog. I am digging this album – the reissue sounds stunning. If you are going to test drive one of these reissues – this is the one.

Physical Graffiti has all the tricks in the Zep bag: hard rock, folk, world music, funk, killer riffs, etc.  This is a great band at the absolute peak of their powers.  

As for the bonus material – more of the same – no new songs.  The packaging on the deluxe edition is a very well done miniature LP.


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  1. “III” remains my favorite LZ album (especially if you add in “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do,” which wasn’t on the album but was the B side to the “Immigrant Song” single), but “Physical Graffiti” is second (and then “I”). “PG” certainly defines a very specific time in my high school drop out days – I can hear “Kashmir” and am immediately back there. Will have to check this out.

    • III is good too. My second fav is Houses of the Holy. For sentimental reasons. Not that is one of their tops

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