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Crate Digger’s Gold: Old & In The Way – Old & In The Way

March 1, 2015


I am more of  Jerry Garcia fan than a Grateful Dead fan. I was a David Grisman fan before I was a fan of Garcia or the Dead.

Amazingly I have never owned this album in any format. I recently picked up an LP in very good condition for just 5 bucks at the recent  Rock ‘N Roll Music Sale in Maple Grove (MN).  

The album is live from 1973 and was released in 1975. Garcia is featured on vocals and banjo.  Grisman on vocals and mandolin.  This pure bluegrass vs. some of the fusion that both artist are famous for. That being said, the songs are traditional, original (3 by guitarist/vocalist Peter Rowen, 1 by Grisman and 1 by violinist Vassar Clements) and a cover of the Stones’ “Wild Horses.”  

I “discovered” Grisman on his classic jazz bluegrass fusion (dawg music) Hot Dawg (1979). And I “discovered” Garcia via the Jerry Garcia Band on their 1991 eponymous live album.  

This album has some high-speed picking and radiates a lot of joy. Garcia and Grisman had known each other for 10 plus years before this album was recorded. The lack of pretension is strong  here. Pure love of music prevails.  Garcia had such an amazing musical life outside the Dead and this is just one example of his many side gigs. This is a classic example of him subordinating his ego for the groove. 

If you are a fan of picking and grinning or a fan of the Dead this LP is highly recommended.  

Below is the complete Boarding House Shows which includes this album plus 45 more cuts.  Also included bellow is Hot Dawg.  Unfortunately Jerry Garcia Band is not available on Spotify.  




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  1. With you on the “more of a Garcia” thing (Music Enthusiast is doing a Dead piece). I went nuts for the stuff and still do. Been on a bit of a binge lately. I get stuck on the bluegrass (and similar music) tracks and it’s hard for me to get off.

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