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200th Post – Am I a blogger now?

July 13, 2013

200 posts

I first started this blog when I was recovering from major surgery in the fall of 2011 – I had time on my hands.  My first post was a review of my main turntable – it was September 21st 2011.

I have a long-standing passion for music and my primary objective of this blog is to express my thoughts about the music I am listening to and the machines that aid me in that listening.  I don’t see myself as a critic – I am not interested in reviewing anything I don’t like – if I don’t like it I have no need to express my hate.  Sometimes I spend a long time absorbing a piece of music, but more often I am just reacting after a couple of listens.  There is hardly any albums that stick with me over time – I have a bit attention deficit issue when it comes to music – I am always looking for what is around the next corner.   I do hope that my posts will help others discover something they might not otherwise check out on their own.

I have found it extremely challenging to put into words why I like a particular piece of music.  I find it hard to describe the music in a way that captures its spirit without biasing labels or meaningless contractions (jazz-rock).  I have found that my most common analogies when describing music that moves me involve food or drink.

I wish I had more time, creativity and energy to write these posts.  I probably listen to about 20 albums a week and at least half of which are new to my ears.  At least 5 each week are worthy of a blog post – but if I get one post a week I am doing good.

I realize that hardly anyone reads my posts, but that does not discourage me.  I find it very satisfying if I can document my thoughts on a topic and know it is just public enough that I need to make it more than a “note to self”  and that I need to make an attempt at editing and coherency.

I try not to be snob, but I do know that not all music is good.  I think it is important to listen to music on the best equipment you can afford and not just go for convenience.  It is more convenient than ever to discover music which is a mixed blessing – it is easy to take things for granted when things are too easy.

When people discover that I am a music head they often ask me what style of music is my favorite – this is an impossible question to answer – I like all genres – as long as it is good music (a pure self-indulgent judgement call).  About the only way I can describe my taste would be to list my top artists/bands/labels:  Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, CTI, Pat Metheny, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, George Clinton/P-Funk,  Norah Jones, Blue Note, etc. ( I could go on and on).   Not exactly cutting edge stuff – but it is who I am.

I have a theory of pop music and that is there is nothing original after 1975.  That is not to say I don’t enjoy a lot of current music – I do.  It is that just the most original period in pop music was from 1965 to 1975 and I can’t think of anything current that does not have its roots in that time period.  I am not an early adopter – I come to most trends late and even then it can take me several years to “get it.”  But what I lack in a discovering ear,  I make up in a passionate ear.

If you are regular or occasional reader – thanks.  A special thanks to my family.  My wife has been my endless supporter encouraging me to retire to my listening room to pound out theses posts.  She is enables and encourage “my habit” – you know you are married to the right woman when she asks on release Tuesdays “anything you want out today?” My son’s blog was the first blog I ever read and therefore my teacher.  My daughter has been my curator and encourager of the catchgroove brand and concert companion.  Thanks and I love you all.  We will check in again when we get to some other significant number of posts!


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  1. Patrick Nau permalink

    Jim–I enjoy reading your posts and congratulate you on your 200th. I think your writing style is just right –I encourage you to keep it up. As one famous author whose name I cannot recall said–“writing is easy–all you have to do is cut open a vein.”

  2. Congrats. I, too, enjoy reading your posts. BTW, I sent you an email about an album I think you need to check out last week (and also blogged about it). Did you get it?

  3. Like most the music i listen too I quit worrying about why it’s not more popular. I don’t really get this blog thing (CB is just goofing around on his. Giving his take on music and films HE likes). It really surprises me that you don’t get more comments. Your takes and reviews are top notch. I like that you keep it positive and stay away from knocking stuff you don’t dig. Waste of time. I guess the thing I like best is your personal feel, that’s important to CB. Aping some-else is boring and smells bad. To sum this up, your love for the music comes out loud and clear. You are very knowledgeable and it saves me a lot of work. You’re stuck with me. CB

    • Thanks. My major motivation in blogging is that helps me to listen better. The fact that any one reads it is a bonus and a like or a comment a double bonus. I really appreciate you read and comment. But at this current pace I am going to run out of content for you. I going to have to pick it up a notch.

      • That makes sense on the “listening”. Relax I’m still in 2013. I’ll slow down when I catch up. Just think of all the new music I’ll know about. Exciting.

      • You have got to get Spotify. Instant access when you read about something you want to taste. Free 30 day trial an $10 a month after that. For $15 yo can get a family plan – 6 accounts! I tell you it has been life changing. I still by LPs and CDs when I find a piece I really love.

      • My kids are on me about that. Your endorsement is trusted.

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