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John Scofield – Überjam Deux

July 9, 2013


One of my favorite albums of the last dozen years or so is John Scofield’s Überjam.  That album mixed soul jazz, hip-hop, electronic music and jam band concepts on top of Scofield’s jazz chops resulting in a very satisfying concoction.  I was pumped to see Scofield was revising the concept with Überjam Deux.  These are apples from the same tree, but where the first take was carefully crafted, this time around Scofield has perfected this gig and is able to play this gumbo in a relaxed manner.  This style of music has become broken in for Sco and as comfortable as an old pair of jeans.  That is not to say this is a lazy take, but familiar, confident, natural and masterful.

I re-listened to the original Überjam last night and as much as I loved that album I was struck by how diligent and deliberate it sounded vs. the carefree sound of this album.  For sure this is on my “best of” for 2013.  A completely contemporary take of early 70s soul jazz.


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  1. I want to hear this one now.

    • Seeing Sco tomorrow night at a great little club in Minneapolis

      • What’s with that place with all those cool artists going there?

      • It is. 3.5 million metro. Good economy. A bit artsy fartsy. Our only defect is shitty winters.

      • My roots are just across the border so I know about the winters. I’m a soft West Coast guy now. Watching a couple good flicks ‘Emigrants’ and ‘The New land’ all about a group of Swedish emigrants heading to your neck of the woods. Nothing artsy fartsy with these folks.

      • I recall those movies. Didn’t one of those movies have a scene were the family had to kill the horse and crawl inside it to survive a storm?

      • That must be in part two ‘The New Land” That’s penciled in for Sunday. 3 hours worth.

      • Enjoy John. Will await your review.

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