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Black Sabbath – 13

June 16, 2013

Back Sabbath 13

I am not much of metal guy – Metallica is about as hard as I get.  I have long had a soft spot for Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne.  It is hard not to not like Paranoid – Iron Man was one of the first riffs I learned on the guitar.  It is hard to believe that it has been something like 35 years since Ozzy has done a studio recording with Black Sabbath.  I was really into their live Reunion album and I am bit embarrassed that I thought that album came out about 5 years ago – it was 15 years!

Rick Rubin has been trying to pull this album off since 2001 and he finally did it.  Unlike Chinese Democracy this was worth the wait.  It sounds like early 70s Sabbath but with modern production values.  Simply put it rocks.

I think Ozzy sounds great and Toni Iommi guitar sounds fantastic. Geezer Butler provides a nice thick foundation.  I am not enough of a Sabbath aficionado  to have an opinion about the drums except to say they sound spectacular to me.  Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave) sits in for Bill Ward who could not make peace with the rest of the band. Rick Rubin brought out the best in these guys.

If you are a fan of early Sabbath and early Ozzy solo work, I am hard pressed to imagine you won’t love this album.  It is a totally solid return without any embarrassment factor that typically would infect a reunion album like this.  This is shockingly good like the Van Halen reunion was last year.  Bravo boys!

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