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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories – Vinyl – Revisted

June 9, 2013

Daft home

I have tried to remain cynical and detached about the new Daft Punk album, but I have failed.  It has totally overwhelmed me.  This weekend I indulged in the Electric Fetus anniversary sale and I couldn’t pass up buying a vinyl version of RAM. I have been listening on Spotify since the album came out and each day I have been loving this album more.  My Twitter buddy @EgyptoKnuckles convinced me I had to have the vinyl edition. I tried to resist, but ultimately failed.  I stand by my original review, but at the time, but I was trying to be too cool.

The vinyl edition embraces the analog spirit of RAM.  It sounds thick and lush. It is wonderful that a contemporary pop act embraces analog the way that Daft Punk has.  I am pretty oblivious to the whole EDM scene that Daft Punk comes from but I can’t deny the serious late 70s disco groove that Daft Punk has embraced.

I am 54 and old enough to know what Studio 54 is and to have dipped my toe into the Minneapolis equivalent.  Currently I am serious enough about analog to have a small room sound system that embraces that sound (see photo above – tube amp, tube phono-preamp and fairly serious turntable).  The vinyl edition of RAM sounds truly amazing on my sound system – I have been seduced.

The long and short is the vinyl edition of Daft Funk RAM reveals subtle nuances that show these guys were serious about their analog dreams.  In the process they may have produced the most significant pop album of 2013.


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