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Charles Lloyd/Jason Moran: Hagar’s Song

April 28, 2013

lloyd moranWell I continue to rediscover ECM Records.  This is beautiful accessible jazz without being jazz-lite.  This an album of finely explored melodies. It is a simple arrangement – Lloyd on various woodwinds and Moran on piano.  It includes classics from the jazz canon (e.g. Ellington’s “Mood Indigo”), the pop canon (Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”) and Lloyd originals .  All of which flow seamlessly together. The songs move from whimsical to contemplative.

Like most ECM releases this is well recorded with an intimate feel. Lloyd’s tone, on whatever instrument he is playing, feels like it is being whispered into your ear.  I am not familiar with Moran, but I am intrigued to learn more – to my untrained ear he reminds me of a combo of Bill Evans (contemplative) and Keith Jarrett (adventurous).   A truly lovely album.


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