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Record Store Day 2013: Can’s Ege Bamyasi Performed By Stephen Malkmus and Friends

April 22, 2013

sm cansm can2I have heard of Can, but never heard Can.  #2 on my Record Store Day 2013 wish list was Stephen Malkmus and Friends Can’s Ege Bamyasi.  I am long time fan of Malkmus/Pavement and trusted that this would be a treat.

First it is gorgeously packaged with a hand silk-screened jacket and green vinyl.  But the music is out of this world.  I can’t believe I got to this point in my life without ever hearing Can.  I was blown away by this LP. Imagine if electric-era Miles Davis fronted a punk band on Quaaludes.

It turns out that Malkmus is a huge Can fan and he did this dream gig covering the album live in Germany late last year around the 40th anniversary of the album.  The recording is pristine for a live recording.

After giving this a few spins I had to hear the original – so I headed over to emusic and downloaded a copy.  It was amazing.  Malkmus cover is faithful and I can see how Can is a huge influence on his music.  This is timeless avant-rock that sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday, 40 years ago (which it was) or anywhere in between.

This release is everything that is right about Record Store Day – cool packaging, limited vinyl only release, and something I only bought because I am a Malkmus fan only to instantly become a Can fan.  What every record nerd is always looking for – a brand new toy.

PS: I had a wonderful Record Store Day 2013.  My wife and I got up at 6:00 and were number 64 in line at the Electric Fetus at 7:00 am for a 9:00 am kickoff.  While in line we met a record soul-mate and we had a great chat.  We met some great pilgrims from Get It On Vinyl.  I did not get everything on my wish list, but I got some wonderful treasures – including this amazing release.  The Fetus was in full festive mode with coffee donuts and a few hundred enthusiastic people jammed in.  I am guessing heaven must feel like the Fetus.


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