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Book Review: Pete Townshend – Who I Am?

November 21, 2012

Well I now know who is behind blue eyes.  Just finished Pete Townsend’s autobiography.  This is a very intimate reveal. Pete tells all.  I have always been connected to the music of The Who and to Pete’s solo work, so this was very special to get to know the man.

What did I learn?  Pete has amazing notions and anticipated the music industry as we know it now in the early 70s.  Pete is delightfully twisted and that insanity has been his muse.  Pete defines the notion of being a musical genus vs. being merely talented.   Pete is a Rock Star.

Pete has bold ideas about what rock music is capable of doing.  He is not afraid to swing for the fences and striking out is not a failure, but a noble attempt to win the game. Pete’s failures (Who’s Next) are masterpieces.  His successes (Tommy) are timeless.

Overall Pete is incomprehensible and that is his charm – he demands to be pondered.  Like any great writer, Pete cuts open a vein and bleeds on to the page.  This is book is like a great Who song – it kisses your soul.


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