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Adam Turman and Minneapolis Craft’za

November 21, 2012

My wife and daughter “dragged” me to Minneapolis Craft’za, but I was the winner!  Not only was this a male friendly show at an amazing venue, but I got an exclusive test print of an amazing Adam Turman poster.  I have been a fan of Adam’s work for a while, so it was a blast that I got to meet him and chat him up.  He is a great guy and his work is so Minneapolis.  It emphasizes babes, bikes and beer.  I have long been an admirer of his Vinyl Girl (AKA Electric Fetus Girl)

The awesome print I picked is my home town on a turntable backed by Minnesota themes.  Rock on Mr. Turman.  PS Sweet Pea – thanks for the drag – it was not!  See below:


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  1. Hey Axl, this is Andy, the organizer of Craft’za. We always try to feature as many “male friendly” artists as possible, so I’m glad you liked the show last year! As a fellow dude, that’s always good to hear. Hope to see you at the next event tomorrow!

    • It is a very dude friednldy event! We (my wife, daughter and her boyfiend) are going tomorrow. The boys wander seperate from the ladies – we have a good time. Hopefully I will be inpired for another blog entry.

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