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The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach

July 27, 2012

The only thing I knew about this book when I picked it up is that was about baseball and that it had received rave reviews.  I found it a wonderful novel – entertaining and thought-provoking.  It is rare that the major flaw in a book is that it ends – I wanted it to go on forever.

What I liked most about the book were the characters.  They were richly drawn.  They were brilliantly confounding:

  • One moment heroic, the next moment merely ordinary
  • Driven, then slacking
  • Exceptional, ordinary
  • Straight, gay
  • Monomaniacal, dispassionate

I wanted to understand these characters and get under their skin.  The more I got to know them, the more they delighted.  They had depth and breadth.  I want to know what happens to these characters over the next few years.

Great book, highly recommend.


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  1. Patrick Nau permalink

    Jim–You continue to impress me with your blog and your intelligent, articulate commentaries and
    reviews. Excellent work!

  2. CB, if you can believe it is an avid reader. Maybe keep an eye out for this. Your musical tastes are in the same ball park so maybe books too. I have half assed thought about doing takes on some of my favorite reads but still haven’t made the plunge. Flicks and music are scratching the itch right now. (Lazy also)

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