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Soul Asylum – Delayed Reaction

July 22, 2012

Of the Minneapolis big three of the late 80s (The Replacements, Hüsker Dü, and Soul Asylum) only Soul Asylum was unafraid of success: hit songs, big time MTV rotation, a lead singer with a big time movie star girlfriend, major label, etc. Grave Dancer’s Union arrived on the scene at the perfect moment – in the wake of Nirvana’s Nevermind – the rock audience was looking for more of the same.

Although they never repeated the success of Grave Dancer’s Union, they have continued to put our quality material over the years.  Their latest, Delayed Reaction, adds to the resume.  It is the Soul Asylum sound, but not nostalgic.  Instead this is mature adult alternative rock.  Sneaking into their 50s these guys continue to rock with relevance.

I find this a wonderful album.  This fits me well, but then I am a Minneapolis kid just a couple of grades ahead of these guys.  It is great to see a band of this vintage continuing to work their craft with great finesse.  There a few singles here that would sound perfect in rotation in the early 90s, yet they don’t sound our of place on The Current today.


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