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Andy Shauf – Norm

May 7, 2023
Andy Shauf

I have never heard of Andy Shauf, but on a recent episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden recommended Andy Shauf’s new album Norm. Hyden was so enthusiastic I had to give it a listen.

Norm is a gorgeous sounding album (similar vibe as Paul Simon) and Shauf has an angelic voice. I am fully satisfied with the warm wave of sound that washes over me with Norm, but there is more than that going on: lyrically Norm is a concept album. This is where it gets twisted.

The characters include God the father, Jesus the son, a stoner-stalker (Norm), the pursued (the victim of Norm’s stalking) and Norm’s ex. The plot is God observing his obsessed creation Norm stalking some poor women as Norm regrets his past with his ex. Norm eventually kidnaps his victim, but God intervenes. Weird isn’t it?

But what attracts me to the album is the lush soundscape, Shauf’s gorgeous vocals, and amazing bass lines. The bass is prominent and provides a soulful groove to what otherwise would be typical singer-songwriter fare. The weird lyrics and beautiful sonics results in a wonderful dreamy psychedelia.

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  1. jprobichaud permalink

    This one hasn’t quite sunk in for me yet but Shauf’s last album, “The neon skyline”, was excellent.

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