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🌡 Desert Sessions 🌡 2.0: Cheap Used Records – Lowell George – Thanks I’ll Eat It Here

January 11, 2023
Lowell George
Thanks I’ll Eat It Here

Thanks I’ll Eat It Here is in the Catchgroove hall of fame. This still had the $1 price tag on it (pealed that off πŸ˜‚ for the photo below). The cover is a little beat up and has a cutout gouge. The vinyl is decent with some light scratches resulting in a few pops and clicks – but in great shape for a dollar record. This is an easy album to find cheap. Highly recommended.

In my original post I wrote: β€œAt the time this album was recorded, George felt Little Feat was venturing too far toward jazz rock fusion, a style he hated, so he retreated back to the Dixie Chicken vibe on this solo debut. The album is a mix of covers and George originals. The album has an easy, almost tossed-offed feel, but if you listen to it carefully it is deeply soulful, cleverly arranged and expertly played by the top session cats of the day (late 70s). Sadly, this would be George’s last album as he died shortly after its release.”


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  1. Super album. ’20 Million Things’ is utterly lovely.

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