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🌵 Sessions – Book Review – Margo Price – Maybe We’ll Make It: A Memoir

December 17, 2022

I am a Margo Price fan. A serious fan.

Me and Margo
April 14, 2018
First Avenue (Minneapolis)

I decided not to read her book, but instead listen to the audiobook. I have never consumed a book in audio form before. My wife and I were going to make our annual drive to Phoenix (about 26 hours on the road). We decided to invite Margo along to pass the time.

From what I hear, some audio books are read by the author and others are read by a voice actor. Margo is the former – sort of. Margo not so much reads her memoir, but performs it. And she performs it brilliantly.

Margo Price is a country/Americana singer songwriter. She is a hard to categorize, so I hate to pigeonhole her as country. When I am trying to turn someone on to Margo my shorthand description is that she is a country Stevie Nicks. A female Tom Petty might be more appropriate. But she can twang when she wants. I love her voice, her musical arrangements and her songwriting. As I said at the beginning of this post I am a fan.

In the memoir, Margo is extremely candid. She is so transparent at times it is unnerving to the reader/listener. As a fan it is a wonderful peak behind the curtain. How did a fuck up become an amazing artist? Simple: talent, drive, learning from your mistakes, tenacity, a little help from some friends, some luck and the humility to know that the fuck up is you – don’t deny it – embrace it and then transcend it.

Margo is not an overnight sensation. And she is not even a big deal in the music business. But she is a success – she is nearly 40 and she has a tribe. She is making a living making her music.

I enjoyed the book. For me, the purpose of a musician’s memoir is for me to get to know a favorite artist better. I know Margo Price better and I have greater respect and appreciation for her artistry than before I read the book.

Spoiler alert: alcohol abuse is bad for your career and family. However, it is possible to stop drinking with determination and a little help from psychedelics.


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