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Goose – Dripfield

September 22, 2022
Goose Dripfield (No Coincidence) 6/24/2022

My introduction to Goose was their cover of Vampire Weekend’s “2021.” Vampire Weekend commissioned a couple of artists to cover the shortest song on Father Of The Bride. They commissioned jazz saxophonist Sam Gendel and the jam band Goose to both create their own reinterpretations of “2021”on an EP titled 40:42. Vampire Weekend gave Gendel and Goose the directive to turn their 1:39 song into two 20:21 versions (hence the title of the EP is 40:42). The Gendle version didn’t do much for me but the Goose version blew me away.

A few weeks later the band released Ted Tapes 2021 – 16 instrumental tracks from band soundchecks and rehearsals held between April 2019 and December 2020. My favorite part of the Grateful Dead is Jerry Garcia’s brilliant guitar noodling. Ted Tapes nearly 90 minutes of brilliant Garcia style noodling. Most jam bands favor the groove, but Goose favors the melody – they play songs! Ted Tapes 2021 was one of my favorite releases of 2021.

I didn’t explore the rest of their catalog – frankly I didn’t know were to start as it was mostly live material. But this summer they released their first proper studio album: Dripfield (actually it is their third, but the other two were self-produced). Goose have had enough success that they were able to book a proper studio (The ISOKON in Woodstock, NY) and hire a producer (D James Goodwin) for Dripfield. Expectations were high for Dripfield – they have been the darlings of the jam band circuit and this was their moment. They have delivered on the expectations with an outstanding album.

I recently saw Goose perform live at Sacred Rose music festival in Chicago (a recording of the show is on Bandcamp). The band was great and the Dripfield songs were the stars of their set. The songs which are succinct on the LP, perfectly adapt to the live extended jams. Again, the key is Goose plays songs and not just grooves (but they do have commanding grooves too).

Available on Bandcamp

Goose is Rick Mitarotonda [vocals, guitar], Peter Anspach [vocals, keys, guitar], Trevor Weekz [bass], Ben Atkind [drums], and Jeff Arevalo [vocals, percussion, drums]. Per the band’s website, they: “fluidly traverse genres with head-spinning hooks, technical fireworks, and the kind of chemistry only possible among small town and longtime friends.”

Mitarotonda does a lot of heavy lifting in the band – his guitar is the key to the band sound, he is the principal songwriter, and primary vocalist. His guitar tone is rich and his vocals are mellow – although he doesn’t sound like Garcia, they share the same aesthetic. My hot take on Mitarotonda is he is a combination of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead). Anspach’s keys are a nice complement to the Goose sound and he contributes 3 songs. The rest of the band creates a great foundation for Mitarotonda and Anspach songs and solos.

The songs are perfectly sequenced and the opening two tracks, “Borne” and “Hungersite” are seamlessly connected. This is an album and not a collection of songs. The album is beautifully recorded and mixed. The album is a combination of new songs and songs that have been in the set for awhile. I have backtracked on the older songs and these studio versions are better – D James Goodwin has had a positive impact on the band.

Between this album and the recent live show I witnessed, I am all in on this band, love their jammy pop-rock melodies – extremely listenable!

My new standard for fandom in the streaming era is to purchase the vinyl edition – I like this album enough to make LP commitment.

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