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🌵 Sessions: Maren Morris – Humble Quest

March 29, 2022
Humble Quest (2022)

Maren Morris’s music is rooted in country, but she is comfortable performing R&B, rock, Americana and pop. Country has been flirting with pop as long as I can remember. Sometimes that flirtation works, but often it comes off forced. Not for Morris, she is a master at country pop. Her latest, Humble Quest (her third major label album release) makes it a country pop hat trick – she has it figured out.

Morris has songwriting credits on all the songs, but as is the practice these days, there are plenty of all star co-writers. She seamlessly can move between humor and poignancy.

The first couple of passes through the album, I heard a sameness, but about the fifth time through I picked up a very nuanced variety. In the age of singles, Morris has pulled off a rare feat: a genuine album. It is not sameness, but continuity.

The album is beautifully arranged and produced. I assume credit goes to producer Greg Kurstin who also contributed to Morris’ last album Girl. Kurstin has developed quite a track record, having been involved in the last two Adele albums along with working with Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Beck, Paul McCartney, Pink, Lily Allen, and the Foo Fighters.

My simplistic definition of country music is that it is pop music for adults. Maren has created a masterful example of adult pop. This is Morris’ Golden Hour.


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