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Steven Wilson – The Future Bites

April 11, 2021

I don’t know how Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree escaped my attention over the last 25 years. Seems like something I should have noticed. I saw this album upon release and ignored it – I did wonder about it as it seemed to be getting some hype. I recently listened to a podcast with Wilson, and he was so interesting that I was compelled to check out the new album. Once I heard the interview it jogged my memory that he is well regarded as remixer (both stereo and surround) of choice for various classic rock acts and audiophiles (a side hustle). His remix of the Jethro Tull catalog is amazing.

The Future Bites is a concept album performed in a sophisticated pop style that sounds contemporary, but familiar to these classic rock ears. Kind of like if Pink Floyd had been informed by hip hop and electronica. Per Wilson’s website:

The Future Bites deals with two recurring themes of my musical output, identity and technology. It picks apart our 21st century utopia, while also allowing for moments of personal growth and optimism. It’s less a bleak vision of an approaching dystopia, more a curious reading of the here and now”

Steven Wilson

Sonically the album sounds great. Not surprisingly given Wilson’s work as a remix engineer on classic recordings. If you want a little taste, check out the song “12 Things I Forgot” – it is like a long-lost ELO song – pure ear candy. Another great song is “Man Of The People.” In the podcast interview, Wilson said it was his favorite of the album and he envisioned it as Marvin Gaye meets Pink Floyd – pretty spot on.

It is early in the year to make this claim, but this will be on my top-10 for 2021. Looking forward to diving down the Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree rabbit hole.


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