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Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock

March 9, 2019

For most Minneapolis rock fans of my age, Bob Mould means Hüsker Dü. But I came to Bob Mould post Hüsker Dü – specifically his brilliant solo debut Workbook from 1989. I followed him into Sugar and then backtracked to Hüsker Dü. What I learned, is that despite all the guitar noise, Mould is bubble gum: sweet, melodic and hooky as hell.

As far as I am concerned, Bob Mould has never made a bad album, but some of them resonate with me more than others. Sunshine Rock is a resonator.

It is a classic Bob Mould power trio, occasionally augmented (perfectly) with strings and keys. It is a difficult time for rock, having fallen out of fashion. But Mould has pulled off a miracle 40 years into his career: a perfect pop punk album – authentic and enthusiastic.

One of my favorite Bob Mould album is File Under: Easy Listening with his band Sugar. Sunshine Rock has a similar beauty. The buzz saw guitar is as melodic as ever. The speed is mostly breakneck (although there is one gorgeous reflective slow song – “Final Years.”). The most endearing quality of the LP is how joyful this noise is. There is not a dud on the LP.

There is a reason that Bob Mould is a legend and important influence: he is a punk founding father who has never faltered in 40 years. Bob Mould has managed to make the most accessible album of his career with out a drop of sellout. This album is a capstone on an already great career.

Thanks Bob! Looking forward to celebrating 40 years of your cacophony at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis and the Palace in St. Paul Minnesota later this month!


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  1. Never heard anything past Sugar, should try some more modern Mould one day.

  2. I’m am all over this one. Thanks

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