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Greta Van Fleet – Anthem Of The Peaceful Army

November 25, 2018

In general I am a music snob, but I can’t help but like Greta Van Feet (GVF). A win is a win and GVF is a win for rock. Yes, this is derivative Led Zeppelin music, but who cares now that the gods are dead? How is this worse than the derivative work of the early Dylan, Beatles, Stones and Led Zeppelin themselves? Of course, a young rock band is influenced by Zeppelin. GVF is writing and performing legit new Led Zeppelin music: imitate until you can innovate.

I have been listening to this album regularly since it came out via streaming services. I had it on my list, to get on wax. I bought my first vinyl LP from a Target store since the mid-80s. Seems appropriate it is GVF.

Pitchfork gave this a predictable low rating (1.6 on a 10 point scale), that is absurd. No, this is not the future of rock and roll, it is not some new thing; it is just fun as hell. I am ready for the GVF for AC/DC too while we are at it.

The wax version sounds great (appreciate that the Target edition is on red vinyl). It feels even more like finding a lost artifact. If you like Zeppelin, listen to this album. Don’t judge, just enjoy the guilty pleasure and play it loud.


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