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Big Axe Brewing Company – Bourbon Coffee Bean Stout

March 25, 2018

I discovered this fine brew via my neighborhood liquor store Top Ten Liquor (St. Louis Park). I was shopping for some barrel aged brew and one of the staff suggested this special release from Big Axe. Although, not a barrel aged brew it has some similar features.

Per Untapped:

Paired with StoneHouse Coffee to age their coffee beans in a bourbon barrel, then made cold press from the beans and added it to our chocolate oatmeal stout. Fragrant and rich, this is a sipping beer.

My first reaction is that it tastes like quality coffee ice cream. This chocolate oatmeal stout has a nice mild sweet coffee flavor.

It has the deep rich flavor of a typical bourbon barrel aged stout without the boozy flavor. It has a relatively low ABV for this style of beverage (6.8). There is a slight caramel and smoke after taste. This is a beer that should be sipped slowly as it gets more complex as it warms. The warmer it gets the stronger the coffee flavor and the sweetness is enhanced. It pairs well with sweets so this is an excellent desert or snack beer. Highly recommended.

  1. jprobichaud permalink

    Mmmm. Sounds delish. I had a coffee infused white stout from one of my local craft brewers this weekend and I was blown away. Think I may need to go get another…

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