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Podcasts – Current Favorites

March 4, 2018

I discovered Celebration Rock with Steven Hyden late last year when Hyden interviewed Wilco as they promoted the reissue of their first two albums. Hyden is rock critic, but without the usual snobby attitude. He is first and foremost an enthusiastic fan. The podcast is currently focused on an eight episode examination of Bruce Springsteen’s 20th century catalog. Hyden geeks out about the Boss with various punk musicians who were inspired by Bruce.  If you review the archives there are plenty of great interviews with musicians.

I have been reading the Lefsetz Letter for several years. Bob Lefsetz is primarily a music industry critic, but he also branches out as a general cultural critic. Lefsetz is wonderfully opinionated – quick to point out the emperor is not wearing clothes. On his podcast he primarily interviews music industry insiders. They tell their personal histories and opinions on current industry issues. Even though I have rarely heard of Lefsetz guests, I have always been fascinated by their conversations.

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