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Welby Family On Fleek – Pacific Northwest Fall 2017 – Day 10 Gualala and Mendocino CA (10/1/17)

October 9, 2017

This was our last day of real vacation. Again we had a perfect weather day. We slept in, Paul made us an amazing breakfast – his variation on Eggs Benedict- which I will rename Eggs Gualala: English muffin, a crab cake (made with crab Paul had caught), smoked salmon (caught and smoked by Paul) topped by a runny egg and a side of bacon. Added bonus was espresso coffee and lattes.

After our late breakfast we headed to Mendocino for some site sightseeing. The goal was to wander the cliffs and take in the sights – mission accomplished! We walked down the main street and checked out the shops. We stopped for a beer at Dick’s Bar which had a local feel.

We then headed back toward Gualala. We stopped in Port Arena to have a beer and snack at Pier Chowder House & Tap Room.

The next goal was to grab some beer, a to-go pizza and head over to Paul’s friend Sabrina’s ocean front place to watch the sunset. We made it just and time to see a great Pacific Northwest sunset. We enjoyed the pizza, beer and conversation. It was an amazing location and a bonus was Sabrina’s gazebo which protected us from the wind.

We head back to Paul’s for final night cap. It was a perfect last day of vacation. The next day we packed up and headed to San Francisco for our flights home. This included a final 90 minutes of Highway 1 winding road (again we were blessed with great weather to enjoy the spectacular ocean views).

Over all it was great vacation. Mom, dad and two adult children managed to spend 10 days together in close quarters without getting on each other’s nerves. We had great food, great beer and great sights. It was great to catch up with an old friend. A special thanks goes out to my wife Laura and daughter Al for organizing the trip. Quote of the trip from Paul on our final night “is this a normal amount of beer for you all to consume?” We laughed and responded no – we were restraining ourselves.

PS – Happy Birthday James L. (Jim) Adams (RIP) 10/2/21 – 8/6/14.

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