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Welby Family On Fleek – Pacific Northwest Fall 2017 – Day 8 Portland (9/29/17)

October 7, 2017

This was a pure travel day and I was not expecting much from this. Turns out the drive is very scenic. So it was pleasant surprise the travel day turn out as a fine adventure. There a three major sites along the way:

1. Freeway 5 from Portland to 199 – which is rolling hills/mountains – unfortunately we had rain and fog through most of this. But I assume on a clear day this would have been an impressive view.

2. 199 to the coast – is a poor man’s Avenue of Giants , but still impressive. I had no idea we would get this treat. The weather turned to partly sunny for this stretch of the trip.

3. Highway 1 – more about that tomorrow- fog obstructed most of our views. But if it hadn’t it would have been another great set of views. Fortunate the next few days were sunny.

We ate along the way at Wild River Brewing in Grants Pass OR. Nothing special, but better than average road food.

Once in Eureka we stayed at the local Days Inn. We walked down to the local brewer: Lost Coast. In addition to brewing their beers it is decent restaurant serving good bar food. A nice treat for a small town.

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