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Jeff Tweedy – Together At Last

July 1, 2017

Well, here is a simple concept: Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy releases stark solo renditions of eleven songs from his arsenal.  He draws mostly from his work with Wilco, but he gives us a pair from his side projects: Golden Smog and Loose Fur.  

As carefully crafted a sonic experience as Wilco is, the revelation of Together At Last is how much Wilco is ultimately Tweedy’s voice.  These songs lose nothing stripped down.  They are not better or worse, just different; amazingly not that different.  Wilco’s arrangements and players are complex and artsy (in a good way), but the privilege here is that the songs are so pure and clean. 

Track list:

Via Chicago – Wilco – Summerteeth 

Laminated Cat – Loose Fur – Loose Fur

Lost Love – Golden Smog – Weird Tales

Muzzle of Bees – Wilco – A Ghost Is Born

Ashes of American Flags – Wilco – Yankee Foxtrot Hotel

Dawned on Me – Wilco – The Whole Love 

In a Future Age – Wilco – Summerteeth

I’m Trying to Break Your Heart – Wilco – Yankee Foxtrot Hotel

Hummingbird – Wilco – Yankee Foxtrot Hotel

I’m Always in Love – Wilco – Summerteeth

Sky Blue Sky – Wilco – Sky Blue Sky 


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  1. I’ll dive into this. I like Tweedy in this style

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