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Gregg Allman R.I.P

May 29, 2017

Gregg Allman is one of rock’s great singers, songwriters and song interpreters. Allman is the definition of a soulful blues singer.  Gregg was the voice of most of The Allman Brother’s hits.  He also had a solid solo career.  His Laid Back is one of my favorite albums. 

I am a fan of Gregg and of The Allman Brothers, so I read Gregg’s autobiography.  One of my favorite stories from that book, was how the songs on the first Allman Brothers album were written.  The rest of the band locked Gregg in a house, bought him a B3 organ and told him he couldn’t leave until he had an album’s worth of material.  He came out of that writing session with some classics including: “It’s Not My Cross to Bear,”  “Dreams” and “Whipping Post.”

Gregg Allman was no angel, which fittingly was part of the title of one of his solo hits. Reading his biography I found him a pretty unattractive person, but the voice was so good it was easy to look past that.  Also, reading the book I learned Gregg never really healed from the death of big brother Duane.

I had the privilege of hearing Gregg helming The Allman Brothers twice (the Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks version in the mid 00s).  His beautiful gravelly voice and percussive organ were magical live. I have band-issued boots of both shows. I wish I had seen him live solo.  His last studio album, Low Country Blues, showed he was still a force late in his career. R.I.P. “baybrah.”


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  1. I wish I’d seen him solo as well but it wasn’t to be. Most recently he was touring with ZZ Top. Don’t know if he actually played any of those but eventually those too got cancelled.

  2. The tributes are flowing, aren’t they? I went via a revisit of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ (but, like you, needed to mention ‘Laid Back’).

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