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Margo Price at First Avenue (Minneapolis) 4/8/17

April 9, 2017

A little over a year ago, Margo Price’s solo debut Midwest Farmer’s Daughter came out. Coincidentally, the family was getting ready for a trip to Nashville, so I was in a country music state of mind, that is I was receptive.  I bought the album right away and Margo Price and Sturgill Simpson were my Nashville soundtrack during that trip.  Midwest Farmer’s Daughter was one of my favorite albums of the last year and it continues to be in regular rotation.

When I reviewed Midwest Farmer’s Daughter I said: “With a voice somewhere between Emmy Lou and Dolly and with the pen of Loretta Lynn, Margo Price storms out of a Memphis studio in a Nashville state of mind.”   She happened to be doing an in store appearance at Third Man Records in Nashville the week I was there, but it was sold out. Her Minnesota debut sold out before I even knew about it.  I was disappointed to miss both those shows so I was determined to make this show and did.

Margo did not disappoint.  Live she added Janis Joplin to her list of influences.  The lady rocked.  She was backed by an extraordinary band.  Her set list included most of Midwest Farmer’s Daughter.  The highlight for me was when she left the stage to let her band jam and came back solo to cover Bob Dylan’s “Hazel.”   It is an obscure song from Dylan’s catalog (it is from his one non-Columbia studio LP 1974’s Planet Waves – with The Band as the band) so it was pretty cool she picked it for the Minnestoa audience.

She is an engaging performer with a big voice that can cut through a noisy nightclub and rocking country band.  I am glad I did not see her last year because I assume the last year of touring and success has given her extra confidence and performance skills.  She worked the room like a pro.  A lot of singer songwriters don’t know how to entertain – Margo knows how to entertain! I am looking forward to a new album later this year (please record and release “Hazel”) and more Margo shows.


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