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Movie Review – The Invitation 

March 15, 2017

Followers of this blog know I don’t do many movie reviews. Most of the movies I see are pretty mainstream.  I am a big fan of the Bret Easton Ellis podcast.  In several episodes he has raved that The Invitation is his favorite movie of the last couple years. This is high praise since Ellis is a serious movie buff.

The Invitation is a slow burning thriller that is worth your patience.  For most of the movie it is an adult psychological drama, with just enough hints that you know something is going to go very wrong.

What I liked about the movie was that it had great acting, quirky, but real characters  and a highly original plot. It was suspenseful in a slow and deliberate way.  It was totally unique, I can’t really compare it to any other movie. The simple categorization would be a thriller.  If you like mysteries, thrillers or horror films you will dig this movie.

The film premiered in 2015 at the SXSW film festival and hit general (although limited) release a year later. It was directed by Karyn Kusama and written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. The film stars a bunch of unknown actors (to me).

It is the best movie I have seen in quite a while.  The fact that I am motivated to blog about it is a big endorsement.  Just a warning, as much as I think of my taste in movies is conventional, my wife would say I like weird movies. This is a weird movie, but it is a good movie.  It is available on Netflix.


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  1. Hmmm. Tempting. I’ll definitely check this out. thanks

  2. Have this on the to watch list.

    • Similar vibe as Get Out if you saw that.

      • I haven’t watched it. Had to look it up. I’ll get to your recommendation soon. Always looking for new films. Like music, have to wade through the water to find what might grab me. Hard to find reviews I trust.

      • Both are creepy thought provoking suspense. Genre busters.

      • I lean to these smaller Indie films. I have an idea coming up on Doc films. Will be looking for some recommendations so get your head around that one. Thnks

  3. CB, you being “the film guy, ” I was over at your crib looking for a review of the classic “Glengarry Glen Ross.” There’s a picture. I just got done watching it for the umpteenth time. Seen it, I assume? Anybody reading this looking for another good flick, if you haven’t seen this, see it. Always Be Closing.

    • A classic – kind of made Baldwin’s career

      • Yeah. Interestingly, that scene is not in the play but was written for the movie. And yet it may be the single best scene in it.

    • Oh yeah Doc. I know it and like it. I’m doing the chronological thing with albums and films (with a little summer break) and will get to it. I remember sitting in a matinee for that one. So many good performances. I thought it was some of Lemmon’s best work. Kind of got Spacey going also. A feel a re watch coming up.

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