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Eric Church Live In Minneapolis 1-20-17

January 22, 2017

Bob Lefsetz has said for a while now that contemporary country music is today’s classic rock (or something like that). Eric Church is what we used to call country rock. Church’s music works as well as anything  you hear on classic rock radio. If you are a country fan, it works for you too. My wife and I saw him at his recent Minneapolis concert and he delivered all the goods: great songs, country, rock and a true entertainer’s savvy to pull it off in a sold out arena. 

I don’t have a lot of experience with contemporary country, but as a general music fan I was impressed. My tastes trend towards alt-country/Americana, yet I am not such a music snob that I can’t recognize good music in genres I am not that familiar with. I first got turned on to Eric Church from his hit “Springsteen” from his album Chief. That song and album told me this guy was the real deal. This past spring our family went to the Grand Ole Opry and Church was the featured act. He did about an hour solo acoustic and it was pretty obvious he was a great songwriter.

There is nothing better than seeing an artist that is at the crest of their wave. Church has been around long enough that he has a catalog of hits and deep cuts to fill out a three-hour show. He has a devoted tribe that can sell out an arena. Even though I am a minor fan, it was a thrill to be part of an arena throng that sing along to their favorite songs.

I really appreciate that despite his status, Church made the tickets affordable (ours were 25 bucks) and he has made it nearly impossible for scalping.

In this day in age, when records are merely advertising for the live show, you better know how to present your goods live. Church had a nice stage, a great band, simple effective lighting and about as good a sound as you can expect in an arena known for its bad sound. Church has a big enough personality to work an arena audience, without it seeming contrived.  He has the magic one-two punch: great songs and a genuine passion to perform them.

Some bonus points for the show: it was a Friday night, a limited edition poster (above) and it was my wife’s birthday. Thanks for a great birthday present for Laura Mr. Church!  I am officially converted.

I compiled the playlist below from and it appears accurate from my memory.


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  1. I will admit his “Springsteen” song never made any sense to me at all. He throws together a bunch of lyrics with some of Bruce’s song titles, says “Springsteen” every once in a while. So what’s he trying to say exactly? I don’t get it at all.

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