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Jeff Beck – Loud Hailer

July 26, 2016

Of the great British guitar gods from the 60s, my favorite is Jeff Beck. He is not as famous as Clapton and Page, but his tendency toward experimentation and jazz chops is what tips the scales for me. He can make his guitar sound like industrial noise, tender and everything in between – he is always musical.

Loud hailer is what the British call a bullhorn or megaphone. This is a good album title because Beck is his loud rock mode on most of this album (however there are some gorgeous ballads too).

Beck appears to be quite inspired by the young unknown players who accompany him on this album. According to the PR machine for this album, Beck met a young women at Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s birthday party:  guitarist Carmen Vandenberg.  Vanderberg then introduced Beck to her musical buddies: singer Rosie Bones and  produce Filippo Cimatti. Cimatti then recruited drummer Davide Sollazzi and bassist Giovanni Pallotti – Beck had himself a band. Most of the songs were written by the trio of Beck, Bones and Vanderberg.


Bones has a cool voice. She sounds a bit punk and she lets her British accent color the vocals. She is a great foil for Beck – who has always been a great vocal accompanist. This is not the first “nobody vocalist” he has introduced to the world – Rod Stewart was his first.

Some of Bones lyrics are a bit ham-handed and lefty political. But she delivers the goods with her great rock voice and earnestness.

Beck is yet another example this year of an aging rock star who is still on top of his game and still exploring new sounds. Bonus points for passing on studio pros and flying without a net with a young unproven band – they are proven now.


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  1. I’m going to invest some time in this one

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