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Basilica Block Party 2016 (Saturday Night – Ryan Adams)

July 10, 2016

I am a graduate of Basilica grade school, a serious music head and frequent concert goer, but it took me until its 22nd year to finally check out the Basilica Block Party. It was Ryan Adams that got me there.

Thursday my wife and I looked at the forecast and saw it was going to be a perfect night so we bought a pair of tickets.

We live close by so we rode our bikes down and explored the grounds. We found a perfect spot at the Preferred One Stage: elevated, a fence to lean on, good sound, nice sight line and in the shade. We were set for the night.

Craig Finn had the tough job of being the opening act to an arriving crowd.  He did a nice job and I do admire his punk-Springsteen. His “Newmyer’s Roof” was perfect for the mood of the week.

I have heard of Milky Chance, but not heard them until pre-gaming for the show. They are better live than on record. A very fun group and they got the crowd stoked. My wife gave them the ultimate endorsement: “I would see them again.”

The main event was Ryan Adams. We chatted it up with a fellow fence leaner and he joked (and I paraphrase here) “I wonder which Ryan Adams will show up? The alt-rocker, alt-country guy or Taylor Swift cover band?”  Mostly the alt-rocker, but you could add jam band as Ryan was tearing up the guitar on his solos. “Magnolia Mountain” was magic.

Ryan Adams used to be a moody bastard and you never knew if you would get the good or bad Ryan. Now there is the only the good Ryan. He is self-deprecating about his history by throwing mock tantrums and he highlighted a record store sign he had seen early in the day (from near-by HiFi Records):

Ryan’s set list is here and here. Over all a pretty magical night: perfect weather, cool venue, great music and side by side with my beautiful bride.

PS – a bonus when you plant yourself on a hill is you get to watch the parade of people between sets. It was like watching reality TV.


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One Comment
  1. Mike Deeney permalink

    Great chatting with you at the fence! I enjoyed your recap of the day, and will continue to watch your blog. Thanks!

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