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Bob Dylan – Fallen Angels

May 24, 2016

Dylan reprises 2015’s Shadows in the Night with more covers of the great American songbook – especially songs associated with Sinatra.  It works better for me this round because I have gotten over the shock of hearing Dylan croon and caress the songbook – Shadows on the Night trained me to be in a receptive state of mind. I can just sit back and enjoy Fallen Angels. 

For years pop and rock artists have been exploiting the songbook to pad their catalogs. What Dylan is doing does not feel that way. What Dylan brings to the table is:

  • Dylan’s genuine appreciation a of the songs
  • Dylan’s unique voice – specifically modified to a croon for the occasion without sounding affected
  • The original arrangements of Dylan’s touring band
  • America’s greatest living songwriter interpreting great songs – Dylan has always been a student of songwriting – so it is cool to hear his take on these masterpieces

This is not revolutionary – it is merely fun. What more can you ask from a 75-year-old superstar?  He is still entertaining us. Happy belated birthday Bob!


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