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Nashville April 9-16, 2016 – Day 2

April 11, 2016

Nashville is a land of dreams. I wonder how many people move to Nashville each year in pursuit of their dreamof being a songwriter, singer, player, etc.?  We went to Sunday morning brunch at the The Listening Room Cafe and we witnessed some of those dreamers. On stage was a “round” – 4 singer-songwriters  each taking a turn performing  their songs.  We heard Josh Roberts, Meredith Oswald, Ryan Thurmon and Emma Barge.  Unfortunately the PA was a bit too loud and the mix a bit too wet to hear the words well, so I did not get a great sense of their gifts.

At some point our waitress overheard our conversation and we realized she was a fan of whysowhite and the Haines Sisters – Chicago acts my son had a hand in. My son and  Alaina Stacey  traded names of people they used to run with and it turned out they used to occupy a piece of this small world together, yet had never met before.  We learned that she is in the all-female trio Maybe April that is making a little noise in Music City.

Shortly after discovering our connection, Alaina was invited on stage to perform one of her songs.  I am sure I was slightly biased by our new connection, but I thought she was the best of the bunch/brunch. What a way to start the day – this was the kind of Nashville experience I was hoping to have – discovering new talent – a waitress star to be!

Next we headed on to Corsair Distillery for a tour and tasting.  I have been on several brewery tours, but this was my first distillery tour.  I was really impressed by the care that Corsair took to creating their liquor  All their booze was impressive, but my favorite was Triple Smoke which was like an American Isly.  I got a kick out of the little touches like the distillery cat Pizza Patches and her critical role in the operation: grain = rodents – cat = chemical free extermination.


In the same building as the distillery was  Antique Archeology an antique store owned by the stars of American Picker TV show.  It was more like museum than a store (and the price tags made the items pretty much untouchable).  The store had a nice old timey twangy band performing and as I waited outside the door I met Doc Bennett who appeared to be an impresario for the little people.  I promised I would email Doc and learn more about his mission – and will.

We then moved on to Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery.  This was a much more corporate operation than Corsair and that kind of reduced the charm. The back story on the distillery is fantastic, but I was having a hard time fathoming that somewhere between the Nelson brothers discovering their heritage and today, that there weren’t venture capitalists involved.  Plus the whiskey did not capture my imagination in the same way that Corsair did.  Still a great experience and a truly cool space.


We headed down to Broadway to get a snack and peek at the honky tonks.  We stopped at Broadway Brewhouse where we had two for one beers and wings.  Pretty generic sports bar, but the Masters was finishing up so that was a good place to be.

We weren’t in honky tonk mood so we headed back to the hotel for a little downtime. We took a detour at the Goo Goo Shop for some sweets. The Goo Goo cluster is a similar concept to Minnesota’s Nut Goodie with better marketing and a less adventurous nugget.

Back at the room we lost some of our mojo but rallied to go to Bakersfield for a late dinner. Nice fresh tacos and other Mexican fare. With that we were done for the night.


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