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Crate Digger’s Gold: McCoy Tyner – Together

March 18, 2016

One of the first jazz LPs to blow my mind was McCoy Tyner’s “Fly With The Wind.” About the time I was getting into the album I had the privilege of seeing Tyner live with the Milestone Jazzstars. A few years later I got to see him solo at the old Dakota in Bandana Square. Needless to say each time – each different flavors – he was epic!

Tyner was on a roll in the 70s on the Milestone label. I don’t have every album, but everyone I have listened to is great.

Like all the other albums I have consumed by Tyner on Milestone, Together fits the formula: great songs, great arrangements, the best side men and energetic/hyperkinetic playing by McCoy Tyner.

Check out this line up:

This is absolutely delightful music. It is aggressive and playful. It is virtuosity without pretension. It is like listening in on the conversation of brilliant and witty geniuses.

If you are crate digging and you see a McCoy Tyner album on the Milestone label in decent condition for less than a fin pick it up.

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