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Crate Digger’s Gold: Boz Scaggs – Boz Scaggs & Band 

May 17, 2015

About 15 years ago a guy at work turned me on to this album. It was his favorite album and it was not available on CD and so he had a Japanese important.  He lent it to me and I dubbed a copy for my collection. To this day it is still not available except as a Japanese import on CD (fortunately it is on Spotify).

I was on East Lake Street (Minneapolis) this past weekend so I stopped into Hymie’s and found a nice vinyl copy for $3.  The LP was issued in 1971 long before Scaggs became a big star (but he was a cult favorite at the time).

Scaggs hit the big time in 1976 with the LP Silk Degrees. That album rode a thin line between disco and R&B. Scaggs was enough of a rocker to keep it real.  I assume, by the center label, the $3 LP I found in the Hymie’s crates was a post Silk Degrees  reissue – but it is still a nice piece of wax.

When we backtrack to an album like Boz Scaggs & Band we can see he where this white boy got so much soul.  The album features a nice large band with horns. It features blues, R&B, soulful country and at times foreshadows the slick sound of Silk Degrees. It is slick and raw at the same time – like a well mixed cocktail (I assume the great engineer/producer Glyn Johns had something to do with that).

Scaggs penned or co-wrote every cut on the album. Scaggs greatest feature is that he has such a unique voice – which is instantly recognizable. He makes every song his own. It’s an easy voice that has just a bit of a smirk.

The album is a great taste of the 70s when a skilled singer songwriter could throw down a diverse set of cuts in a great studio with a top-notch band. This album will appeal to baby boomers and retro R&B loving millennials – something Mark Ronson would have created if he was sent in a time machine to the 70s.

  1. Don’t have this one but have other earlier ones. One of my first musical go to guys was all over this early Scaggs stuff. It’s good. great find! Prefer this early Boz compared to the latter.

    • He has some cool stuff late career. He is back to the blues and away from the pop. But I have to admit I kind of like his pop.

  2. Dbf permalink

    Love his second self titled album with the highlight Loan Me a Dime with searing Duane Allman solo

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