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TV – Better Call Saul

March 14, 2015


No spoilers – go ahead and read.

I don’t watch a lot of TV outside of sports and my wife’s shows.  But last year I serial watched Breaking Bad (one episode a day on the treadmill). That show really opened my eyes that TV is now better than movies.

Great TV has always been about great characters and Breaking Bad was full of them. Although the plot could get tedious (unfairly accentuated by serial watching), I never tired of the characters.  Saul Goodman was one of the consistent scene stealers.

Saul’s charm was that at his core he is a lovable looser who has just enough gall to lie, cheat and steal without guilt (just fear of being caught). Saul somehow makes being a mild psychopath a charming character defect (something as benign as being scatter brained). I think there is a little bit of Saul in all of us if we were honest enough to admit it.

I was thrilled to hear there would be a Breaking Bad spinoff focused on Saul. When it debuted this winter I enjoyed the first few episodes, but honestly I was underwhelmed. Then this past week I watched episode 6 (Five-0) and that was the payoff. The episode focused on another great Breaking Bad character Mike Ehrmantraut. 

In this episode we learn Mike’s tragic past and how it defines his character.  Jonathan Banks performance is absolutely brilliant. Some of the best acting I have ever seen on-screen (small or large). It is so cool to learn the foundation of a character you already know. You always new Mike had a tragic past and now you see it and his character now makes total sense.  I love that this was accomplished with such a long set up. Congratulations to Vince Gilligan – he has delivered again. I am officially hooked on Better Call Saul.


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  1. Where did this come from? I was dragged to BB and glad I was. Like a 50 hr feature film. Good feature film (The music choices are fantastic). I figured Saul would be a watered down coat tail thing and I had to be dragged to it also. Again glad I was. The episode you are talking about with Banks is some of the best acting work around. I couldn’t agree with you more. CB watches very little tube. I still manage to find good films but a few of the recent views I’ve really enjoyed were ‘True Detective Season One’ and a Scandinavian series ‘The Bridge”. I just finished season 2 of the latter. It is up there as top notch stuff. The female character is one of the best CB has seen. Apologize for all the words but you struck a chord.

    • I will check out ‘The Bridge.” I have another favorite tv show post in the works.

      • Curious. I’m still in your 2015 takes. I better shake a leg. The Bridge in up there with BB. Different styles but both quality stuff. A lot of the same qualities you made with BB

      • Slow down. I want to keep ahead of you.

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