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Crate Digger’s Gold: Jim Hall – Concierto

August 31, 2014



This is a 1975 classic on the CTI label. Unlike most CTI releases this is not soul jazz, but one side of bop and another side of classical music (a jazz interpretation of Joaquin Rodrigo’s 1939 piece for classical guitar and orchestra, “Concierto de Aranjuez”).  If that piece sounds familiar it is because it is on Miles Davis’ masterpiece Sketches Of Spain.

The LP boasts a dream line up of Hall on guitar, Roland Hanna on piano, Ron Carter on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, a temporarily straight Chet Baker (who is on top of his game) on trumpet and Paul Desmond on alto sax. The music is arranged by Don Sebesky and the album is engineered by the great Rudy Van Gelder (at his studio). Creed Taylor produces of course.

This very tasteful mellow bop. This is late night music, but it also plays well on a slow-moving hot summer Sunday afternoon (as I write this post). The interplay between the musicians like overhearing a most pleasing gentle and intimate conversation between fiends.

This is a fairly easy vinyl LP to find (and it is available on CD and various digital services with bonus cuts) in the $5 to $10 range. There is no excuse not to check it out.

  1. You had me at Chet Baker, straight or not, and Paul Desmond.

  2. My neighbor (I think I mentioned he sees me walk buy and runs out with albums. Don Shirley, Paul Desmond etc. Hows that for drive by service?) lent me this one the other day. What a great album and not surprised I’d find it on catchgroove. But it is a kind of cool coincidence. You nailed it on the head with your take.

    • O would like that delivery Servive too

      • He’s a beauty. Big Jazz guy. Him and his wife lived on the west coast of Vancouver Island . Off the grid for years. Beautiful but pretty wild.

      • Check out the Jim Hall/Pat Metheny album from about 20 years ago. Pretty special.

      • I will. I’ll mention it to my neighbor he’s a Jim Hall fan big time. He might have it. He’s an older dude with lots of old jazz. I was just chilling to Metheny/Mays today

      • Which album …Wichita?

      • I saw the tour for that album. It was Halloween night. The band did a wonderfully spooky set.

      • Was that just recent? I know you’re a big fan. I just read a couple of your takes from a couple years ago. 2014. If there is a review I’ll catch up to it. Or you can fast track me. That sounds really good.

      • I think it was 1981

      • 1981. You have been a fan for a while. I was wondering. I see artists take old works on on the road and revisit whole albums etc. Halloween. Cool night for a concert.

  3. PS I will have to tell him about your review. This is one of his fave albums. He loves the Rodrigo piece. He lent me another album by MJQ and they also do it.

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