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Tony Joe White – Hoodoo

April 8, 2014

Tony Joe

This album came out last year and I vaguely recall it made a little noise at the time.  My buddy Paul from Analog Audio of Minnesota recently tipped me off that I should give this LP a spin – he happened to have one for sale so I picked it up.  If you like Mark Knopfler or JJ Cale you will dig this album.  This is simple  rhythmic blues that is all about groove and tone.  White’s guitar tone is homemade caramel – lots of butter.  His dulcet baritone voice is easy-going and all-knowing.

Tony Joe White made a little stir in the late 60s and early 70s as a singer songwriter, but never achieved big time stardom to match his talent.  When you listen to his work from that period it is a bit schizophrenic: sometimes pop country, sometimes swamp rocker (a la CCR) and sometimes blues-man.  What sounds the most timeless from that era is the swamp rock which rivals anything Fogerty was throwing down.  If you have access – give a spin to any of his albums between 69 and 74 – I am sure you will be amazed.  When you hear “Polk Salad Annie” the first time you will wonder how is it possible you have never heard of this dude.

This album’s focus is on slow burning swamp rock that has a real nice John Lee Hooker feel.  The recording quality is fantastic with emphasis on White’s guitar and voice. The recording is alive and dry with lots of separation between the instruments so you can really soak in the tone.  For me this album is about marinating in White’s guitar tone and his mellifluous baritone.   This album plays like your favorite pair of perfectly worn jeans – it is comfortable, but just a touch edgy.  I am sorry I missed this in 2013 – it would have been on my best of list for sure.


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  1. outstanding record! Hope more music lovers give it a chance. The record comes with the CD AND digital download.

  2. I will search this one out

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