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The 56th Grammy Awards

January 27, 2014


Well I am disappointed in myself – I wasted 3.5 hours last night watching this year’s Grammy Awards.  It was kind of like watching Saturday Night Live – you keep watching thinking at some point this show is going to have a glimmer of brilliance right?  Well at least I got 10 shirts ironed while I was watching.

It was not awful, it just lacked magic.  Since most of the music is boring, the artist are forced to do over the top production numbers that emphasize the visual vs. the musical.  Beyoncé was hot, but her song was forgettable.  Lorde gave me no reason to want to see her live (rather than twerking she convulses).  I love Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, but I love the groove and could care less about the robot shtick.  I can’t believe I waited up for the grand finale of NIN, Queens of the Stone Age and the Dave Grohl – what a let down (except that Lindsey Buchingham rocked harder than any of them) – I was actually grateful when the credits rolled and cut them off.
There were a few highlights for me, but they were not-musical:

  • Taylor Swift dorky dancing from her front row seats when everyone else was sitting
  • Playing music nerd by trying to name the members of Ringo’s band
  • Wondering who, besides me,  knew the has-been songwriter representing Daft Punk for Album of the year
  • Wondering where Norah was during the Phil Everly memorial
  • Reading the morning after that the ratings were comparable to an episode of The Big Bang Theory (not much of an event)
  • Jay-Z  saying “I want to tell Blue, ‘Daddy’s got a gold sippy cup for you.’”

Usually I am blown away be some new artists that I have heard of, but never heard (e.g. Miguel, The Civil Wars, etc.) but not this year (blame that on Spotify I guess).  Ho hum.


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